Venna Yarpah is a rising freshman at Winona State University.

Venna Yarpah participated in an internship through Hennepin Healthcare’s Talent Garden program this summer. She shared her experience with Sahan Journal:

Inspiration: My dad is an RN and my mom is a surgical technologist.

Goal: To become a pediatric nurse and bring more people of color into the medical field.

Because my parents are in the medical field, I feel like I’ve already been around it, and I really love everything about it. And I like science and math and helping people. 

I learned about this internship when I was going to a checkup and my doctor told me about it. 

Shadowing the midwives has been the best rotation so far, because I’m planning on being a pediatric nurse. It really gave me a one-on-one experience of what that career is like.

One thing that surprised me was seeing the amount of effort that the EMS has to put in. It really gave me a new appreciation for what they do.

This internship is really helping us get an understanding of what we want to do in life. We’re hoping that this will help us be better at our careers and our future endeavors.

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