At the core of our journalism is community engagement.

At Sahan Journal, community engagement means working collaboratively with Minnesota’s communities of color to discover, understand, and voice specific community needs and concerns. That mission is reflected in our work—from the journalism we do to the newsroom staff we employ.

Our hope is that Sahan’s journalism will continue to evolve alongside the communities we serve. How? Through a series of new projects, we’re working to deepen relationships with leaders and organizations that have already built trust with communities of color.

We also believe in the power of building reliable, two-way communication channels with our readership and audience to find out what matters to them, and how we can continue to serve their information needs.

There are a few ways you can get involved with the Sahan Community. Check out our growing list of free journalism channels, below.

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Sign up for Tani waa su’aashayda, an audio newsletter and program with Somali TV that tackles the biggest questions from Somali people in Minnesota.

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Sign up for New Home, a news service for Afghans who are new to Minnesota and the United States. Find New Home on its dedicated Facebook page here

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Get the behind-the-scenes scoop on our journalism, and learn more about past and upcoming Sahan Community events.

Send us a news tip

Do you have a news tip or story idea to share with us? Did you witness an incident that you think we should write about? Do you have important information that the public deserves to know–such as problems with housing, school, or health care; a government program, or just information that may be useful to your community? 

Reach out to us at, or call us at 612-548-4344.

The most useful tips may include specific examples of wrongdoing; emails, videos, or documents also help. We usually don’t report on speculation or rumors.