Intern Sydney Rupert is a rising senior at Minnetonka High School. Credit: Aaron Nesheim

Sydney Rupert participated in an internship through Hennepin Healthcare’s Talent Garden program this summer. She shared her experience with Sahan Journal:

Inspiration: Higher-level science classes and learning about the human body.

Goal: To become a surgeon.

I like the process of the hospital. Television shows show the hospital in a very different manner, so getting to actually be in the hospital and see how things like triage work and how to get patients in and where they need to go is really interesting.

The emergency room seems a lot more traumatic on TV; there are always people rushing in. But the actual ER is not necessarily that. It’s very structured, and just people coming for, like, smaller things. I like seeing how it functions and the interaction with all the doctors. 

And you see how internal medicine is a lot different than surgical medicine and also different than the ICU.

I also enjoy the instruction from guest speakers. For example, we had people from a biotech company come and talk about their product. 

I have a passion to help people in a direct way. And I think this is a way that I can do that.

Sheila Mulrooney Eldred writes stories about health equity for Sahan Journal. As a freelance journalist, she has written for The New York Times, the Washington Post, FiveThirtyEight, NPR, STAT News and...