Naomi Teklemariam will begin her junior year at Rosemount High School this fall. Credit: Aaron Nesheim

Naomi Teklemariam participated in an internship through Hennepin Healthcare’s Talent Garden program this summer. She shared her experience with Sahan Journal:

Inspiration: A lifelong passion for helping people and desire to give back to the community and help save lives.

Goal: Medical school.

I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. 

The internship I took as an opportunity to see the different fields. I have learned that there are so many options you can take within medicine and that there’s not just one straightforward path, whether it’s what you want to major in or what fields you want to specialize in. It’s very diverse. And this internship has most definitely shown me that.

I’ve always been interested in anesthesiology, and being able to see anesthesiologists do what they do and how it works is really fun. And seeing a CRNA [certified registered nurse anesthetist] rave about how rewarding the job is in itself and how much he loves his job was really nice.

Being in the operating room is very stressful, but seeing how the CRNAs handle the patients and comfort them and make sure that they’re safe during the process was really interesting.

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