Intern Musab Mohammed will begin his first year at University of Wisconsin-Madison in the fall. Credit: Aaron Nesheim

Musab Mohamed participated in an internship through Hennepin Healthcare’s Talent Garden program this summer. He shared his experience with Sahan Journal:

Inspiration: Seeing health care professionals while accompanying his mother to diabetes appointments and his younger brother to appointments for kidney plasticity.

Goal: To work in the health care field and make a positive impact on patients’ lives.

My favorite rotation so far has been radiology. We got to see interventional radiology, and I got to see a bone marrow biopsy. So yeah, that was pretty cool.

Health care has been a passion for me since I was younger, growing up in Qatar. Getting to help other people and listening to their stories has always been something in my heart.

The internship is almost like a full-time job, but it’s worth it, getting exposed to areas of health care that you’ve never thought about before. And seeing things a different way—radiology, for example. People will think that they just sit in a dark room the whole day, but there’s different specialties like interventional radiology that provide direct patient care.

And I would say the EMS [emergency medical services] courses are great for just being comfortable saving someone’s life on the street. That’s a really, really useful life skill.

I really wanted this internship, and it’s kind of life-changing.

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