Children ages 5–11 are finally eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. 

This news may bring relief to many parents. But it also opens up a whole new batch of questions. 

Is your child scared to get the shot? Will he or she experience pain or side effects afterward? What should you and your child do to prepare for receiving the vaccine?

In our new COVID-19 vaccine video, we’ve got answers, specifically for kids. For this installment, we’ve teamed up with doctors and medical providers from several different communities. We asked these medical experts, all of whom work with children, to speak about the vaccine and address kids in five different languages.

Click here for our Hmong and English language video.

Jessica Vang, a pediatric nurse practitioner at Hennepin Healthcare, speaks to Hmong children about what to expect from the vaccine. 

Click here to watch the video in Spanish.

Dr. Manuel Arteta, a pediatric pulmonologist at the Mayo Clinic, addresses children in Spanish about the importance of getting the vaccine. 

Click here to watch the video in Somali.

Abdulaziz Gabow, an international medical graduate and clinical assistant at Axis Medical Center, speaks to children in Somali about how to prepare for the vaccine.

Click here to watch our Oromo language video. 

Seifudin Geletu, an international medical graduate who works in clinical support for Axis Medical Center, reassures children in Oromo not to be scared about getting the vaccine.

We hope that these videos provide helpful information for parents and children in our communities. Click here for a link to the first installmentclick here for a link to the second installment, and click here for the third installment of Sahan Journal’s COVID-19 vaccine video series. 

Sahan Journal’s COVID-19 Vaccine video series is sponsored by UCare. 

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