Farhiya Aden receives the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at the Minneapolis Convention Center on February 5, 2021. Credit: Ben Hovland | Sahan Journal

The COVID-19 vaccine is widely available, but vaccine equity goals in Minnesota are still elusive. 

As of mid-May, people of color are still generally receiving the vaccine less often than the state’s white population. For the next several weeks, state governments and health providers will be working to close this gap.

At Sahan Journal, we’re attempting to provide fact-based information on what to expect after receiving the vaccine. What activities are safe? Will I experience side effects after recieving my first and second doses? 

We’ve produced a round of four instructional videos to provide the community with easy answers to these often confusing questions. You can watch these videos—the second in our COVID-19 Vaccine Project series—in Hmong, Somali, Spanish, and English. 

Michael Yang, the host of a weekly program on WIXK 1590 AM and a specialist for the city of Minneapolis focused on Southeast Asian communities, answers the questions in Hmong. Click here for our Hmong language video.

Abdirahman Furre, director of the Universal Somali TV, answers the questions in Somali. Click here to watch the video in Somali.

El Rey contributor Jessica “La Trompudita” Acevedo answers the questions in Spanish. Click here to watch the video in Spanish.

Sahan Journal reporter Hibah Ansari answers the questions in English. Click here to watch our English language video. 

Sahan Journal’s COVID-19 Vaccine video series is sponsored by UCare. 

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