Mursal Mire Credit: Metro Transit

Mursal Mire wants more people to be bus operators.

“I want to help my community and the company I work for,” Mire said. “The more people we have, the more customers we can serve.”

Mire truly appreciates working at Metro Transit. After immigrating to Minnesota from Somalia in 2005, he started a family. To support them, he worked seven days a week as a school bus driver and a minimum wage job at the airport. Neither provided benefits.

“It was tough back then,” he said. “When I was tired one day, I saw an ad for Metro Transit. It became a job that would cover all my other jobs.”

In 2013, he started as a bus operator and quit his other jobs and started receiving benefits. Today at hiring events in his community, he’s eager to talk about the good pay, health benefits, and pension plan. He’s also quick to mention the great need for operators compared to when he applied almost 10 years ago.

“When I applied, I waited 4 months just to start part-time,” Mire said. “Now you can get into a full-time job quickly.”

Mire knows being a bus operator is a great career choice, he also knows that simply becoming transit employee can be life-changing career step.

“I like where I’m at now,” Mire said. “But I know there’s opportunity to move around – someday I’d like to be a supervisor.”

Full- and part-time bus operator positions available!
Metro Transit needs bus operators! No experience is required to start a new career as a Metro Transit bus operator. Receive paid training and earn a commercial driver’s license for free. Earn $26.16 per hour to start, then $27.80 after completing a year of employment.Metro Transit provides outstanding benefits, including health care, annual salary increases, pension plan, and an unlimited-ride transit pass. Plus, there’s growth opportunities. Many managers started their careers as bus drivers. Learn more or apply online at

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