Entrepreneur and designer Houston While has collaborated with Target on an exciting new apparel and accessories line. Check out the collection today at: target.com. Credit: Target

Houston White x Target is a distinct, stylish, and inclusive clothing line that’s available exclusively at Target.

According to the creator himself, Houston White, the bright and bold apparel collection is a direct reflection of his passion for community, cause, and culture. He describes it as, “…a celebration of self-expression and the beauty of diversity, giving its wearers fashion forward clothes they can enjoy life in.”

We had a chance to catch up with Houston to discuss his creative process and influences.

Can you take us through your creative process?

When I start creating, I feel like a kid again in art class. I start thinking to myself that everything has been done. There’s really nothing new under the sun.

And that’s where the fun and challenge begins.

This collection is inspired by my lived experience, the legacy of my family and all the things I aspired to be, do, and wear while growing up. I want to be a mix of timeless, versatile, and on-trend.

Then I start going through old magazines. A lot. And I go shopping. I’ll take my colored pencils to an art gallery or museum and start riffing.

I liken it to how a hip-hop artist creates. You borrow from different genres and mix it all up. Then add in your life experiences which form your new perspective. Like, I’ll take a blue blazer from the past and challenge myself to merge these two worlds.

Then, I turn the music up and start dreaming about fabrics and lines and how it is all going to emote.

I’m also lucky in that I have a dedicated team that I can bring these emotions and thoughts, ideas and colors to. Then we go back and forth just creating and trying to figure them out. Then after all that, we get to work.

What’s the scariest thing for you when you’re designing?

Oh man, what isn’t scary? So many things go through the mind of a designer. What if it doesn’t resonate? Is everyone going to hate this? What about the fit? Is that color right for this season or am I off? So many things, you know.

Do you have an inner circle that you trust before you introduce it to the world?

I think the best and most important filter comes from the guys at the barbershop and the women in my sister’s circle. Or even the stoop.

And they’re honest. “Oh, that’s dope!” Or “Nah, back to the drawing board.” Sometimes, they jump up and want to try it on. Right on the stoop! So definitely it’s a bunch of concentric circles of influence and critique.

Your grandmother was a huge inspiration for you. What would you think she would think of you now?

My grandma was a fashionista. The first one I ever remember. She had her own way of dressing up and shining. I think she would see the Houston White x Target collection and remix it into her own. I can hear her say, “Baby, you did that right. It’s just beautiful.” I think she would buy all the hats. And then the bags. I think since she loved to mix everything up, she would also buy the blue blazer and create something original and ownable to her.

Now that Houston White x Target is available, how do you feel when you walk into Target?

How does that make me feel? It’s still a bit surreal, to be honest. I was shopping with my mom and there was a Target team member who was restocking. He didn’t know I was the designer.

Then my mom said, “Do you want to meet the creator? He’s right over there.” The team member walked up to me and asked, “Is it really you?” After I said, “yes,” he hugged me. Then he asked for a selfie and told me how he wore the jogging suit on the first day of school.

This took me back to when I was in school and dreamt about meeting the designers I admired. So the Houston White x Target Collection is legit affecting people the way I hoped it would. It resonates with them, makes them feel good and that makes me feel good.

Houston White x Target is now available only at Target: target.com

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