Opening day of the Minnesota State Fair on August 25, 2022. Credit: Drew Arrieta | Sahan Journal

With summer in full swing, the Minnesota State Fair is right around the corner. If you’re looking for a job the time is now to apply.

The State Fair employs nearly 80 year-round full-time staff members and approximately 150 seasonal and 1,750 fair-time staff members, according to its website.

On June 27, the fair announced they’re accepting applications for fair-time jobs. 

This 2023 state fair will run from Aug. 24 to Sept. 4.

Below, Sahan Journal briefly breaks down how to obtain a job at the state fair.

What types of jobs are available?

The fair has jobs with State Fair departments, food vendors, ride operators, game operators and exhibitors. A list of possible fair-time job opportunities is available on the state fair’s website. Specifics will be shared once the applicant meets with a staff member.

The minimum age to work at the fair is 16 at the time of applying.

How do I apply for a job, and what documents and information do I need? What are the requirements?

For those looking to register for interviews about fair-time employment, the registration form is available online.

An identification card or driver’s license isn’t needed when filling out the registration form or interviewing at the fair’s Employment Center.

After filling out the online registration you can visit the fair’s Employment Center located at 1640 Como Ave., St. Paul. Hours of operation for the Employment Center based on date can be found online.

Screening there takes approximately five minutes and if you are a match with any open positions, you may be referred to an interview at a later date.

Computers are available on site for those who need them to fill out their registration forms.

If you can’t visit the Employment Center in person you can call 651-288-4475.

Once offered a position, employees must prove their identity and eligibility to work in the United States and complete Section 1 of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration I-9 Form.

Opening day of the Minnesota State Fair on August 25, 2022. Credit: Drew Arrieta | Sahan Journal

What are some tips for applying for a job at the fair?

The following tips provided by staff at the state fair are applicable to both the Employment Center screening interview and later interviews for specific positions.

  • Be well groomed and neatly dressed.
  • Review the list of fair-time jobs, and be prepared to discuss your areas of interest.
  • Check your calendar, and be prepared to discuss your availability and schedule.
  • Review your resume, and be prepared to discuss your education, previous jobs, volunteer work or other experience.
  • Silence electronic devices.
  • Be courteous – smile and be polite.
  • Use proper posture.
  • Answer all questions completely.
  • Ask questions.

What is the timeframe for applying and hearing back?

State Fair staff asks applicants to refrain from calling about their application status before they’ve had an interview. If an applicant matches with a potential job, the staff will contact them.

If an applicant interviewed with a department or vendor and has not heard back they can contact the Employment Center at 651-288-4475.

How are employees placed?

Applicants are referred for interviews when their “interests, availability and experience match what the State Fair department or vendor has requested for a position,” although applicants can also state in their registration form whether they want to work in a department, vendor, or job after the fair dates.

Can I choose where I work at the fair?

Staff doing the screening interviews at the Employment Center will take applicant preferences into consideration but it’s up to them to determine if the applicant is a right fit for any position before referring them to an interview.

Are there any perks to working at the fair?

Most fair jobs come with free admission to the fair on the day the employees work. If you are hired to work for a State Fair department, you will be given admission to the fair, according to the state fair website.

Perks for applicants hired by vendors vary. Some offer discounts on food and free admission to the fair.

How do I get to the fair with all of that traffic? Is there special parking, drop-off, or public transportation help for fair workers?

Parking and traffic depends on where you work at the fair. Staff told Sahan Journal the State Fair department or vendor that hires an applicant will discuss parking options with them.

Opening day of the Minnesota State Fair on August 25, 2022. Credit: Drew Arrieta | Sahan Journal

For 2023 the minimum pay at the Minnesota State Fair is $10.59 per hour with department jobs starting off at $11 per hour. 

Further information for applicants is available at the state fair’s website where they have a FAQ section.

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