Lulete Mola Credit: Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation

This year’s Facing Race honorees were celebrated during a
30-minute program at 7 p.m., Sunday, October 30, on TPT MN.

The Facing Race Awards honor the anti-racism activists
working to eliminate racism and its effects in Minnesota.
Honorees are nominated by the community and receive grants
to benefit Minnesota nonprofits of their choice.

“The work to eliminate racial discrimination is hard; as a
community we must acknowledge and support those who have
made standing up against racism a major focus of their life’s
work,” said Eric J. Jolly, Ph.D., Foundation president and CEO.
“This year’s Facing Race honorees are doing just that. Through
grassroots activism and organizational leadership, they are
exemplary in pushing for justice and equity in order to make
positive change in Minnesota. We are honored to celebrate
their tireless contributions.”

Here are the 2022 award recipients:

Classie Dudley
President of Duluth NAACP, Executive Director of Community
Action Duluth

In both of her roles, Dudley works to eliminate systemic
racism and gender disparities in the community. Under
her leadership, the city of Duluth now commits $600,000
annually to implement a nonpunitive crisis response team that
is separate from the Police Department. With her team, she’s
also established Minnesota’s first ever Afro-Academic Cultural
Technology Scientific Olympics and eliminated privatized
healthcare in four Minnesota jails. And Classie is just getting
started — she’s currently spearheading initiatives with the
area’s top employers and Duluth Chamber of Commerce to
recruit and retain BIPOC professionals.

Lulete Mola
Co-founder and President of the MN Black Collective Foundation

Lulete Mola is co-founder and president of the MN Black
Collective Foundation, Minnesota’s first Black community
foundation advancing the genius of Black-led change. She
leads the Collective as it is building infrastructure, practicing
creative and innovative resource disbursement, growing
assets, and expanding Black philanthropic power to advance a
new model of philanthropy. Previously, Mola served as Chief
Strategy Officer at the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota
(WFMN), focused on the advancement of women, girls,
and gender-expansive people at the intersection of gender
and racial justice. At WFMN, Lulete led the Young Women’s
Initiative of Minnesota, a $10 million visionary public-private
partnership to achieve equity in opportunities and improve
the lives of Black, Indigenous and young women of color.

Txongpao Lee
Executive Director of the Hmong Cultural Center

In his 20 years as executive director, Txongpao has exemplified
the center’s mission to bring the Hmong and broader
community together. In leading the Hmong 101 program, he
has trained thousands, including government employees,
corporations, schools, and other nonprofits. The US Department
of Justice Community Relations has even adapted the
program into a curriculum for anti-discrimination trainings
throughout the Midwest. Most recently, after a public act of
white supremacy-fueled vandalism, Txongpao’s courageous and
steady leadership helped raise more than $30,000 to support the
cleanup and security enhancements needed to move forward.

Angela Hooks
Founder and Executive Director of Black on Black Development
and Entertainment, Inc.

As the Founder and Executive Director of Black on Black
Development and Entertainment, Inc. Angela works to remove
racial disparities in institutions, corporations and the justice
system. Her latest initiative, a Multi-Purpose Service Cultural
Arts Cafe and Supper Club, will allow BIPOC entertainers, chefs,
artists and the formerly incarcerated to showcase their talents
and build consistent revenue. Hospitality and maintenance will
also be offered as educational training, resulting in licenses and
certifications that lead to more jobs.

This year’s Facing Race honorees were celebrated during a
30-minute program at 7 p.m., Sunday, October 23, on TPT MN.
The program was hosted by the Foundation’s Chief Operating
Officer, Nadege Souvenir. She was joined by Dr. Jolly and
the honorees, who shared stories of their community
activism and anti-racism work. The broadcast also featured
a performance by Ensō Daiko from TaikoArts Midwest, an
organization promoting taiko drum performance as a way to
strengthen and build community while recognizing the full
diversity and depth of Asian arts and artists in Minnesota and
the Midwest.

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