38th and Chicago in Minneapolis. Credit: City of Minneapolis

Aimed at promoting engagement and amplifying local efforts related to racial equity and community health, REACH was sparked by the abundance of needs that emerged and were revealed following the flagrant murder of Mr. George Floyd.

REACH serves as a convenient central online catalog of up-to-date resources, news and events. The calendar that makes it easy to find out the latest happenings focused around areas most affected by the unrest such as the 38th Street Corridor, University Avenue and West Broadway.

An example of the type of events featured on the REACH website and sponsored, in part, by REACH is the upcoming Reframe gathering at Onyx Coffeehouse.

Q. Who does REACH serve?

REACH’s content is specifically curated to apply to a broad audience. You’ll find resources for families, youth, elders, and individuals. Not only does REACH offer support in the way of featuring programs and resources, it is readily available as an online hub of resources. REACH can be accessed regularly to help people connect to opportunities for participation in strengthening our community and neighborhoods with an eye to equity.

With over a thousand page views each month, it is evident that people are finding REACH to be a helpful tool.

MIA’s Monthly Family Day Event. Photo Credit: Minneapolis Institute of Art

Q. In what ways does REACH seek to advance engagement?

By amplifying resources, stories, news, and events that have the potential to positively move the needle toward equity, REACH is becoming a central and vital platform. . From highlighting policies and ordinances that aim to reduce disparities , to promoting opportunities to learn from one another, REACH is helping to connect community dots. We expect that our readers will develop empathy and devise strategies to get involved in a variety of ways.

Q. What is meant by ‘community health’?

We use this term broadly to encompass all aspects of well-being for individuals and for the community as a whole. We envision a culture that embraces health and wellness on many levels. Purposeful living that has meaning and dignity takes many forms. REACH strives to represent many aspects of the spectrum of wellness.

Q. How often is content updated and how can I submit news or calendar events for publication?

Continuously! We add relevant events to the calendar as often as we find them. We are always seeking submissions and hunting for happenings to share with the public. Events, readings, workshops, clinics, exhibitions…anything local, accessible, and related.

Photo of Amoke Kubat taken and edited by Brian Moe. Pop up event at Colorwheel Gallery

News and features are curated by our staff and updated at least weekly. We publish found articles, submitted content that aligns with the mission and core purpose of REACH and conduct research and interviews to bring fresh content to readers.

Q. What kinds of articles will I find on REACH?

REACH publishes in seven primary categories: Coalitions l Projects l Development l Resources l Funding l Health l Policies & Ordinances.

A click on the “Development” tab provides critical updates on everything from what’s happening with the intersection at 38th and Chicago to planned improvements at Powderhorn Park. Open either of these stories, and you’ll discover how to get involved and make your voice heard.

The current spotlight on Tamiko French relates to the Powderhorn Area Wellness Collective as well as youth arts opportunities through Legacy Arts. And our video highlight presently celebrates Sahan Journal’s 2022 Rising Star Award.