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Heading into this week’s historic election, we’re reflecting on what an unprecedented and unpredictable year it has been. And through it all, we’ve kept our focus on providing you with news and information about Minnesota’s immigrants and refugees. 

Our reporting this week is no different, as we produced a slate of election coverage important to new Americans: 

  • Features on election organizing in the Muslim community, a look at party preference among Hmong voters, and a check-in with organizers in Latino communities (look for that one Monday!). 
  • Profiles of young, first-time voters; and a roundup of first-time candidates with immigrant backgrounds–from Pakistan, Keyna, Somalia, Liberia–seeking office in the suburbs.
  • An interview with Minnesota’s secretary of state to discuss voting issues that may affect and inform new Americans and immigrant voters. 
  • Election Day coverage focused on state and city races and results. 

Your comments have encouraged us that one thing is certain: Your hunger for news is stronger than ever before. And we’re also encouraged by the financial support that so many readers have provided. Today we are asking you to join them. 

That’s why we’re excited to share an opportunity to double your donation. 

Starting now, when you contribute to Sahan Journal, your gift will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, by three incredible organizations, NewsMatch — a national campaign that helps Sahan Journal and nonprofit newsrooms strengthen their grassroots donor support — Minneapolis Foundation, Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation, and U.S. Bank.

Starting now, NewsMatch, Minneapolis Foundation, Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation and U.S. Bank will match your new monthly donation up to $5,000. When you sign up to make a monthly contribution, NewsMatch and Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation will match a full year’s worth of your donation! (In other words, your $10-a-month donation will yield an extra $240 of support from NewsMatch and Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation). You can also make a one-time donation and receive a dollar-for-dollar match.

Your support will ensure that we continue producing the high-quality, independent local journalism you’ve come to depend on—especially this year. 

The time is now. Deeply reported, honest journalism like ours has never mattered more.

Give today and double the impact of your donation. 

With gratitude,

Mukhtar Ibrahim

Editor & Executive Director

P.S. In an average year, this matching opportunity would be crucial to fulfilling our mission. But in 2020, it’s absolutely critical!. Become a Sahan Journal Sustainer today. Thank you. 

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