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Sahan Journal published a story Friday about the CEO of one of the companies named in federal search warrants as part of the Feeding Our Future investigation. The documents named S&S Catering and its CEO Qamar Ahmed Hassan. 

In our original story, Sahan Journal identified the wrong woman. There are two women with the name Qamar Ahmed Hassan. One is the CEO of S&S Catering, who was named in the federal search warrants. The other legally changed her name in 2017 to Ubah Hussein Dhiblawe. Ubah is now the minister of Women, Human Rights and Child Development in the Galmudug regional state of Somalia. 

Ubah was not named in the federal search warrants, and Sahan Journal regrets linking her to the investigation. Sahan Journal has unpublished the original story. We deeply regret the mistake and apologize to our readers and to Ubah Hussein Dhiblawe.

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