Learn about how you can overcome some of the challenges you face as an aspiring homeowner from an underrepresented community in Minnesota.

How do new Minnesotans and people of color build generational wealth through homeownership? 

What are the barriers? Are there solutions at the local and/or state level?

Join moderator and Sahan Journal reporter, Hibah Ansari, and a panel of community experts on Tuesday, Aug. 10. They will discuss this topic from a variety of perspectives: the unique challenges that first-time Muslim home-buyers face when searching for interest-free mortgages and loans, the barriers—and viable alternatives—for low-income Minnesotans who are looking to transition from renting to owning a home, and more.


  • Anisa Hajimumin, Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs director at DEED
  • Johanna Osman, Sakan Community Resource
  • Roxanny Armendariz, Neighborhood Development Alliance
  • Hodan Ahmed, Chase Ventura Village Branch Manager

This is an opportunity for community members—primarily from emerging and underrepresented communities—to learn more about how they can overcome some of the challenges they face in homeownership, using existing community and state resources. 

A portion of the event will be dedicated to answering questions and hearing directly from community members. Please join us and share with your community networks! 

You can register for the event here

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