The Minneapolis City Council voted Thursday, May 25, 2023, to craft a rent control policy that could go before voters this November. Credit: Jaida Grey Eagle | Sahan Journal

A day after the Minneapolis City Council voted to pass a motion crafting a rent control policy, the city attorney released a statement saying that the mayor can’t veto it. 

According to the statement, city staff, council members, and the mayor were advised that the motion to direct the city attorney to draft a rent control policy would be subject to the mayor’s approval or veto. “Upon review, I have determined that the advice was not correct,” read City Attorney Kristyn Anderson’s statement. The city attorney serves as legal counsel for the mayor and council members. 

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said he planned to veto the action after the City Council passed it Thursday by a 7-5 vote. Reviewing city charter rules, Anderson’s statement changes the fate of the motion. 

The motion is not an “act” or a “policy” which is subjected to the mayor’s veto or approval, Anderson said. Instead, the motion is a request from the council to utilize the city attorney as a legal resource to complete drafting a rent control policy. 

Still it’s uncertain whether rent control will appear on the November ballot. The council would have to approve a draft ordinance by August 25 in order to place it before voters. Frey still could veto it before it reaches the ballot. 

Katelyn Vue is the housing reporter for Sahan Journal. She graduated in May 2022 from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Prior to joining Sahan Journal, she was a metro reporting intern at the Star...