Vy Vui, co-owner of QueViet Concessions, shows the Vietnamese food stand’s giant egg roll on a stick and garlic cream cheese wontons. Credit: Drew Arrieta | Sahan Journal

Vy Bui is co-owner of QueViet Concessions, a food stand located on Cooper Street near Dan Patch Avenue at the Minnesota State Fair. Sahan Journal spoke with Bui about her offerings, which include a giant egg roll on a stick, garlic cream cheese wontons, and Vietnamese iced coffee.

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How many years have you had a stand here?

“We’ve been here since 2018. But we’ve been in operation as a trailer since 2010 and as a local business since 1981.”

What’s in the egg roll on a stick? 

“There’s pork, vegetables, noodles, and it’s wrapped in rice paper, so it’s gluten free.”

QueViet Concessions’ egg roll on a stick offered at the Minnesota State Fair. Credit: Drew Arrieta | Sahan Journal

For vegetarians, would you encourage them to get the wontons?

“Yes, for sure. It’s garlic, cream cheese, scallions, and some special seasonings that we put on there.”

You also have Vietnamese coffee. What’s unique about it?

“Vietnamese iced coffee is sweet and strong. So it’s like espresso with condensed milk, essentially, and it tastes like melted ice cream. It’s really thick iced coffee.”

Do you have restaurants outside of this stand?

“We do. We have three of them. One in Brooklyn Center, one in Northeast Minneapolis, and one on Grand Avenue in St. Paul that just opened.”

How did you get interested in operating at the State Fair?

“When we started in 2010, that was our goal. It took us seven years. We had to go to many county fairs, festivals, and other big types of events to get the experience we needed. Luckily we are in the Twin Cities, so a lot of people really like our egg rolls.”

QueViet Concessions’ eggroll on a stick and garlic cream cheese wontons prepared fresh for fairgoers. Credit: Drew Arrieta | Sahan Journal

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