An example of the Minnesota rebate check. A Montana company is mailing them out. Credit: Minnesota Department of Revenue

The Minnesota Department of Revenue started sending out tax rebate checks in late August, but some Minnesotans are confused as to why they received a check from a Montana company. 

Despite concerns over the check’s appearance, the department confirmed the checks are a legitimate tax rebate from the state. The tax rebates were approved as part of legislation passed in May that allotted $1.13 billion for direct payments to Minnesota taxpayers who qualify under certain criteria.

Sahan Journal has compiled information about what you should look out for and who will be receiving checks in the mail.

Credit: Minnesota Department of Revenue

What should I look for in the mail?

The 2021 tax rebate checks come in a white business envelope. The return address lists Submittable Holdings, a funds distribution company located in Missoula, Montana, as the sender. 

Minnesotans can look out for a check from U.S. Bank, as the department of revenue partnered with the bank to send out the rebates. The check’s description reads, “State of Minnesota 2021 Tax Rebate Program.”

Why is the check coming from Montana?

Credit: Minnesota Department of Revenue

The department partnered with Montana-based Submittable Holdings to send the checks because the state does not have the resources to distribute the payments at the same time as property tax refunds are going out to Minnesotans, according to department spokesperson Ryan Brown. 

With Submittable Holdings distributing rebate checks, the department can ensure that property tax refunds are not delayed.

When can I expect my check?

Direct deposit payments that will be made electronically into recipients’ bank accounts will be sent first, then checks will go out in the mail. Direct deposit payments began in late August and paper checks started going out in early September, according to the department of revenue. 

The department expects to send out 2.1 million payments by the end of September.

Can I receive the rebate through direct deposit?

Minnesotans who chose direct deposit for their 2021 taxes or updated their bank information with the department earlier in the summer will receive the rebate by direct deposit.

If banking errors or incorrect account information causes a direct deposit to be returned, a check will be sent in the mail instead.

Who is eligible for the rebate?

All Minnesota taxpayers with a 2021 adjusted gross income of $75,000 or less are eligible for a payment of $260.

Married couples that jointly filed taxes in 2021 with an adjusted gross income of $150,000 or less are eligible for a payment of $520.

Taxpayers are also eligible for $260 for each claimed dependent in 2021; the rebate is available for up to three dependents.

What should I do if I threw the check away?

If the check is not cashed within 60 days of being issued, it will be voided and a new check will be sent.

Where can I find more information?

For more information, visit the Minnesota Department of Revenue website here.

Gustav DeMars is a reporting intern with Sahan Journal. He is studying journalism and Spanish at the University of Minnesota.