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Valerie Castile says the state’s new school-meals law is an investment in Minnesota’s kids—and a tribute to her son, Philando

For the past six years, Valerie Castile has helped raise more than $200,000 to pay off the cafeteria debt of kids who can’t afford school lunch. On Friday, Governor Tim Walz signed a bill providing a basic breakfast and lunch to every kid in Minnesota. Castile told Sahan Journal her activism came from “listening to God and the spirit of my son, and we just started helping people.”


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Putin welcomes China’s Xi to Kremlin amid Ukraine fighting

Xi Jinping’s trip showed off Beijing’s new diplomatic swagger and gave a political lift to Russian President Vladimir Putin days after an international arrest warrant was issued for the Kremlin leader on war crimes charges related to Ukraine.

Silicon Valley Bank collapse concerns founders of color

In the hours after some of Silicon Valley Bank’s biggest customers started pulling out their money, a WhatsApp group of startup founders who are immigrants of color raised concerns about securing funding for their startups.