What Ramadan campaign Walaal Afuri teaches us about unity

Mogadishu residents buy goods in the market ahead of the holy month of Ramadan on May 31, 2016. [AMISOM Photo]

When you hear Somalia, what comes to your mind? Blue sky, Indian Ocean, ancient land? Let me tell you more than that. Let me tell you a story. It’s a story of dedication and absolute trust. It’s a story of many, of volunteers, of team work but most of all it’s the story of Omar… Continue reading…

10 amazing photos of Ramadan from around the world

Indian Muslim boys offer prayers prior to breaking their fast on the first day of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan at Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad. [Noah Seelam / AFP / Getty Images]

More than 1.5 billion Muslims around the world are marking the holy month of Ramadan, which started Thursday. Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is the month in which the first verses of the Qur’an were revealed by Allah to the Prophet Muhammad.

Somali sweets and desserts

Sweets and desserts have always been an important delight to people all over the world. They offer joy and bring a sense of positivity around the dinner table. Different cultures around the world have their own versions of how to make and serve desserts and sweets and the Somali community is no exception in this… Continue reading…

A Ramadan to Remember

Al-Rahmani al-Rahim Mosque in Egypt’s capital, Cairo. Because of the large number of minarets and domes, the city has been famously named as the ‘City of a Thousand Minarets’. [Abdi Latif Dahir / Sahan Journal]

It was a race against time, but I was determined to make it. By the time I was done with the immigration processing at the Cairo International Airport, I had less than half an hour before I could eat suhuur, the pre-dawn meal eaten by Muslims before fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. It… Continue reading…

Reflections on Joys of Ramadan

Ramadan, the ninth and the most holy month under the Islamic lunar calendar, begun Wednesday. For 30 days, from dawn to dust, or 4 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the US state of Maryland, I will observe this blessed month, welcome it as a special guest that I’ll not see for another year. During Ramadan, more… Continue reading…

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