East African powers do not want a powerful government in Mogadishu

In the early morning of April 2, militants from the al-Shabaab terror group stormed Garissa University College in Kenya and killed at least 147 students. The second worst terror attack in Kenya’s history lasted 13 hours and was made excruciatingly horrific by the fact that many of the victims remained in communication with their loved ones until the… Continue reading…

Somalia’s passport is more powerful than those of Ethiopia, Djibouti

Somalia – a country that is slowly recovering from more than two decades of civil war – surprisingly has a better passport than some of its neighbors in the Horn of Africa.

9 Books About East and Horn of Africa You Need to Read Before End of 2013

Writer and poet Taban Lo Liyong, a well known literary figure in the region, described East Africa as “a literary desert.” He made these remarks in 1969, his view being that the region didn’t produce distinguished writers, or if it did, there was no body of work worthy of artistic merit. More than 40 years… Continue reading…

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