The recolonization of Somalia

Somalia has been under the occupation of extremist groups and under the tutelage of neighboring countries and the international community for close to three decades. These three forces – al-Shabaab, the neighboring countries, and the “international community” – differ in their nature and stated objectives but seem united in one thing: The perpetuation of the… Continue reading…

OpEd: Is AMISOM willing to unify and empower Somali National Army?

On July 1, Somalia celebrated 55 years of independence from colonial rule and formation of the Somali Republic. As we celebrate this important date on our calendar, I can’t stop thinking if we are still fully independent and what it is that we are missing.

East African powers do not want a powerful government in Mogadishu

In the early morning of April 2, militants from the al-Shabaab terror group stormed Garissa University College in Kenya and killed at least 147 students. The second worst terror attack in Kenya’s history lasted 13 hours and was made excruciatingly horrific by the fact that many of the victims remained in communication with their loved ones until the… Continue reading…

This massive security wall built by the UN divides Mogadishu in two

A security wall built by the United Nations separates Halane from the rest of Mogadishu. Halane, a heavily secured compound, is home to UN workers, international diplomats and the African Union forces in Somalia, known as AMISOM.

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